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Summer Reading

May 18 – July 31, 2020

What is Summer Reading?

Summer Reading is a free online program for all ages of kids, teens and adults in the Manhattan area. The program helps you track your reading and provides incentives to read over the summer months. Our community goal is to reach one million minutes of reading time collectively! You can also join in our fun online programs for all ages during June.

Set Your Own Reading Goal

When you log into your reading account by clicking the age group above, you will need to set your reading goal. Consider how much reading time, in minutes, that you would like to challenge yourself to complete during the library’s Summer Reading program (May 18 – July 31). Prizes are awarded at halfway and goal completion. Our suggested minimum reading goal is 400 minutes, and there is no maximum limit. View this document for additional details about setting your goal.

What Counts?

“Reading time” refers to any time spent reading, or listening to books read by others or on audiobooks. Summer Reading is all about fun, so read anything you enjoy, such as picture books, eBooks, graphic novels, magazines, fiction, non-fiction, game manuals, etc.


  • Earn a free book prize when you get halfway to your reading goal, and when you complete your goal. You will receive a Wandoo Reader message when you have earned a prize.
  • HALFWAY to your GOAL = Sticker/button + bookmark + FREE BOOK
  • GOAL ACCOMPLISHED = Sticker/button + FREE BOOK

Other coupons from local sponsors may also be included. Additionally, end of summer prizes for the adult and teen program will be randomly drawn in August from those who complete their reading goal.

Summer Reading Prize Table Hours

Beginning June 1st

Mon.-Fri. 10:30-12:30, & 4:00-6:30

Sat. & Sun. 2:00-4:00

Enter Lobby at the library’s west door

Video Tutorials

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can We Get Books?

The library has a variety of ways to download, view or listen to eBooks and audiobooks. Check out our Digital Library resources and how to get a library card if you do not have one yet. You may need your library barcode number and your PIN/password. Contact the library if you need help with this.

There will be Pop-Up Library Book Giveaways this summer as well where kids and teens can get books for free. Check the library webpage for updates on Pop-Up Library locations, dates and times.

How to Register

Even if you registered for Summer Reading last year, you will need to re-register this year.  If you have any questions, call the library at 785-776-4741 ext. 400.

  1. Register by age group at Kids, Teens or Adults 
  2. Click one of the image links at the top of the page for your age group.
  3. Complete the registration form.
    • Username: Can be 5-20 characters. We recommend using your first and last name without spaces. Example: johnsmith
    • Password: Must be at least 5 characters. We recommend using your last name and the year. Example: smith2018
  4. Press Save.
    • You’ll see a confirmation screen with your username and password.
    • If you included your email address in your registration, you’ll receive an email confirmation, too.
  5. Start logging your reading time beginning May 18th or after.

How to Record Reading Time

  1. Log in to your reading account by age group at Kids, Teens, or Adults.
  2. Record the book title (optional) and minutes read on the Home screen. This can also be found under the Books tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Click Submit Log

Additional FAQs

My username or password doesn’t work.

Contact the library to look up your username or reset your password at 785-776-4741 ext. 400.

I made a mistake logging minutes or books read.

Library staff can correct your mistake. Just call us.

I want to manage my child’s account.

On the Log In screen, click “Enter Family Management Portal” and follow these printed instructions or view a video tutorial to link existing accounts.

Where can I see book reviews from my account?

Click on the thumbs-up icon in the top right corner when you are logged in. You will see book reviews by others who are in our summer reading program.

Why don’t I see my book review?

Book reviews are first approved by staff, so it may take 1-4 days before your review will show up.

How do we set the reading goal from the Family Management Portal?

Unfortunately, there is not a function to set the goal in the Family Management Portal. You can do this by contacting a librarian to input your goal minutes or by logging each child separately from the main program pages for their age group.

How do I print my reading log?

When you are logged into your account, click on the top tab that says “Books.” Then look for the orange text that says “Print Logs” on the right side above the list of items you have read.

Why don’t I have any Awards?

Unfortunately, the “Awards” tab is not working. Even though you may have reached your reading goal, it will still say you have not received any awards. You will receive prizes from the library for reaching your halfway and goal points, so do not worry.

How can I see when I get prizes? Where is my goal listed?

When you are logged in, look at the bottom of your screen for the Progress for Personal Reading Goal box. This will show you how close you are to reaching halfway (50%) and your goal (100%). It will tell you how many minutes you’ve read over the total minutes you chose for your reading goal.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Summer Reading Sponsors

Manhattan Library Association

Manhattan Library Foundation

Pediatric Associates of Manhattan

Baskin Robbins


Goblin Games

Texas Roadhouse

Vista Drive-In

And More!