Welcome to ReadMHK

ReadMHK is a 9-month community-wide reading program where we can all make connections with each other through similar reading experiences. Each month has a different topic with reading suggestions for everyone, age 5 & up. We will use these topics as a springboard for an informal monthly book discussion (3rd Tuesday of each month), podcasts featuring local citizens, an online reading challenge on Beanstack, diverse reading lists, and occasional special events.

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Book Discussions

Join us on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7 pm to share about books you have enjoyed, learn from others, and have a relaxing evening focused on our favorite pastime – reading! Snacks will be provided. Register online to attend.

ReadMHK Podcast

Now Available! Meet local citizens who care deeply about these topics. Listen to our podcast each month.

Book lists

Recommended titles for each topic are available for different age levels. You can read a title from this list for the reading challenge, or find a book on your own.

Monthly Topics

September - Dystopian Fiction


The K-State First Book program helped inspire ReadMHK, and so our first topic will include the 2021 chosen book, The Marrow Thieves by Cherie Dimaline. This fits in with dystopian fiction, a genre of books that portrays a dark or oppressive future with grave consequences. K-State students will be reading The Marrow Thieves, and we encourage the community to join them. You are welcome to read a different dystopian novel if you prefer.

October - Hispanic & Latinx Authors

Read a book written by a Hispanic or Latinx author, or read a book about a Hispanic person or country. Hispanic Heritage month (Sept. 15-Oct. 15) recognizes the contributions and culture of both Hispanic and Latinx Americans. Find some good book recommendations on our book lists.

& latinx

November - Native Authors


November is a month to celebrate the heritage of Indigenous Peoples, so we are focusing on books by Native authors. Books can help us celebrate the ancestry and traditions of the first peoples, as well as contemporary tribal nations and cultures. Look for good book recommendations on our book lists.

December - New & Shiny Books

Read a book that was published in 2021. So many great books came out this year! Use Beanstack to share a review of the book you read by clicking on the “Reviews” tab and the “Write a Review” button.

New &

January - Helping and Mentoring Others


January is National Mentoring Month, which is a good time to focus on how we help others and who has helped us in our lives. Our community is full of helpers and mentors in organizations like HandsOn Kansas State, Thrive and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Read a story with characters who help each other, or check out a nonfiction book about mentoring.

February - Black Authors

Explore the many books by contemporary Black authors writing fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, and teen and children’s books. Enjoy the diversity of literature produced by African American authors and illustrators.


March - Female Authors


It’s Women’s History Month. Read a book by a female author and let us know what you think about it. Write a review to share in Beanstack by clicking on the Reviews tab, and clicking on “Write a Review.” Take a look at our booklists for top titles to check out.

April - Poetry

“We all write poems; it is simply that poets are the ones who write in words.”

-John Fowles.

For Poetry Month, read a book of poetry, a novel written in verse, or a rhyming children’s picture book. Did you know the library has books written by local poets? Our book recommendation lists might be helpful, or browse the books in the stacks under 811 (Poetry).


May - Asian American and Pacific Islander Authors


In May, we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. The books we read can shed light on AAPI perspectives and experiences, or provide relatable stories for Asian American Pacific Islanders in our community. Book lists of recommended titles are available for all ages. Let’s read together!


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