Meeting Room

Reservation Instructions

You must have a library card in order to make reservations online. If you do not have a card, contact the library at (785) 776-4741 x100 to set up your room reservations.

Follow these steps after accepting the terms of the meeting room policy and clicking the “make a reservation” button:

  • Select the date and time range for your reservation. If you require additional time for set up and tear down, make sure to include it.
  • Click “Search for Space.”
  • Select which room you want, and make sure total room capacity fits your needs. Then click “Pick Me!” for that room.
    • Note: The list only includes rooms available during the entire time you selected above. If no rooms are available, all rooms will appear, but you will be unable to complete the reservation request).
  • Login in using your library card number and password/PIN.
  • Fill out the reservation form.

“Select Organization” includes companies, groups, clubs, teams, etc… for whom you have previously booked rooms. Select the appropriate organization or, if the organization is not listed in your dropdown, click “Join an Organization” and select the correct one (if it’s not there either, write out the organization’s complete name in the “Purpose” box or call the library).

  • Click “Submit Request.”
  • You will receive notice that the reservation is pending staff approval. After your request is processed, you will receive a follow-up email. If your reservation is denied, the email will include the reason(s) why.


Please call (785) 776-4741 ext.100 to speak with library staff.


Library Update

For details about current library services click the "Coronavirus [COVID-19] Information page" button for more information.

Coronavirus [COVID-19] Information page