Computer Classroom

Computer Classroom

by weteam

Located on the first floor of the library in the Technology Center on the west side of the building. The classroom has 19 computers with seats and a laptop for the instructor.

The computer classroom is equipped with:

  • 19 networked computers with high-speed Internet access and Windows 10
  • Built in screen
  • A video projector built into the ceiling
  • Capacity to project from DVD or laptop
  • Tabletop lectern
  • Dry erase white board
  • Laser pointer
  • Audio amplifiers, speakers
  • Microsoft Office 2013 productivity software including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Publisher
  • Headphones at each computer
  • Laptop for instructor

Installation of additional software for specific needs of various customers onto classroom computers is limited and may be unavailable. Due to security and reliability, software will not be installed on any library server. Servers may not be added to the library’s network. Any modification to library computers may only be done by library staff. Groups are responsible for ensuring that any software not provided by the library meets copyright and licensing rules and regulations.

Computer featuring the Windows 10 Operating System