Meeting Rooms

Starting July 1st, Manhattan Public Library will have the Auditorium and two study rooms available for room reservations. Rooms can be booked online using our new reservation system. For additional information, or to reserve a room, contact (785) 776 – 4741 Ext 100.


The Manhattan Public Library welcomes everyone with inviting spaces for collaborative interaction and public use. Meeting rooms are available so that people may gather to exchange ideas, access, share information, and participate in community activities.

Meetings and activities held in the library should be in accordance with the library’s mission and goals. All meetings and events must be free of charge for those attending. Priority for meeting room use is given to the library and library-sponsored organizations.

Public use of rooms may not interfere with the library’s operation. Library policies regarding customer behavior and library facilities apply to meeting room use. Any violation of conduct should be reported to staff. The further use of meeting rooms may be denied to individuals or groups who disregard library regulations. Library staff reserve the right to attend meetings at any time.

Any damage, loss, theft, or misuse of library equipment or facilities is the responsibility of the group or individual reserving the room.


Library Update

For details about current library services click the "Coronavirus [COVID-19] Information page" button for more information.

Coronavirus [COVID-19] Information page