Group Visits

Group Visits to the Library

Print information for teachers: classroom visit, day care visit

The library is a fun and educational place to visit. School classes, daycares, clubs or other groups may schedule a time to have a staff member present a tour of the library’s resources and services. Tours and presentations may also include a special program designed for the group, such as a storytime or booktalk, library instructions or special assistance with using the library in a requested area of study.

Scheduling a Tour or Group Visit Tours and presentations should be scheduled with library staff at least one week in advance to ensure the availability of staff,meeting space and to avoid conflicts with other groups, events or programs. To schedule group visits for children up to age 12, call (785)776-4741 ext. 400. For teen or adult groups call ext. 300.

Tours and presentations may last from 10 to 45 minutes, depending on the age of the group and the information requested. Instruction in locating and using library resources generally takes 30 to 40 minutes, a storytime or booktalk may take 10 to 30 minutes. Library staff will work with you to determine the length of your visit based on your needs when you schedule your visit.

Preschool groups are generally limited to no more than 20 children. The optimal size for older children and adults is 30 people. At least one adult for every 10 children must accompany groups of children. Larger groups should consider breaking into smaller groups for a more effective and enjoyable visit. Teachers and sponsors are expected to remain with children at all times.

Requests for reoccurring tours and presentations are considered, depending on availability of staff and scheduling. Due to staff and space limitations, tours and presentations are generally limited to once per month per group to allow opportunities for other groups to visit the library as well. School classes are invited to sign up for a library tour and orientation once per semester, and may schedule further group visits during the same semester to continue research.

Preparing your Group for a Visit Before your group visits the library, let them know the purpose of the visit. The visit is more successful and enjoyable if children know what to expect.

  • Discuss appropriate behavior in the library, which includes respect for other children and adults using the library, participation in storytime, and care of library materials.
  • If your group plans to check out materials, each child will need to have a valid library card with them. Children under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian present to get a library card. Parents should call the library or log on to the library’s catalog prior to the group visit to make sure their children have a current library card with no outstanding fines or fees. Call (785)776-4741 ext.200 for library card information. Individuals are responsible for all materials checked out on their card. The library does not issue cards to schools or businesses. Group leaders or teachers who check out materials for children on their personal cards are responsible for those items.
  • Computer use by visiting groups: The library has public access computers with Internet access, software and games. Computers in the public areas are not reserved for groups. Individuals must have a valid library card with them to use these computers. Print copies are 10 cents a page. Groups who wish to use public computers for instruction or research during their visit should reserve the Computer Training Classroom by calling (785)776-4741 ext. 100.