Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

The library has four meeting rooms available for public use. Individuals and groups engaged in educational, civic, cultural, or charitable activities can reserve meeting room space free of charge using a current Manhattan Public Library card.

Make a Reservation

To make a reservation, you will need a current Manhattan Public Library card.

To sign up for a library card, please complete the online registration form, then bring your I.D. and proof of address to the library to pick up your card.

Follow these steps after accepting the terms of our meeting room use policy below:

  1. Select the date for your reservation on the calendar.  Auditorium is the default room selection.  To reserve a different meeting room, deselect Auditorium in the selection area at the left of the screen, click in the box for the desired room, click the Refresh button, then select the date on the calendar.
  2. Select the hours for your reservation.  Click in the box for the starting time first, then click the ending time.  When you are finished, click continue.
  3. Complete the reservation form.  Fill in all fields marked with an *.  If you need audio-visual equipment, select it at the bottom of the form and arrive 15 minutes before your reservation so our IT staff can assist you with setup.
  4. Click verify request to review your reservation.
  5. Click submit request to complete the reservation process.  You can use the back button to make changes to your reservation, or click cancel to start over.

I agree to the terms of the Manhattan Public Library’s meeting room use policy.

Click “accept” to start your reservation. By clicking “accept” below, you state that you have read and accept the terms of the library’s meeting room use policy. 

Accept       Exit

photo of the Auditorium

The auditorium has a max capacity of 200 people and offers full presentation capabilities.

photo of the Computer Classroom

The Computer Center Classroom has 19 DELL computers and is perfect for training sessions.

photo of the Groesbeck Meeting Room

The Groesbeck Room can accommodate 25 people, offers full A/V and teleconference equipment for presentations

photo of the Friends Room

The Friends’ room can accommodate 10 people and can be reserved along with the Groesbeck Room or separately.


Please call Library Administration at (785) 776-4741 ext.100 for help making a reservation.


If a meeting, program, or class is cancelled, please notify library staff at least 24 hours in advance so that the room can be made available to others. Failure to notify the library of a cancellation may result in the denial of future meeting room privileges.

You can cancel online with your confirmation number by clicking here.

If you need to use the library’s technology equipment during your meeting, please arrive at least 15 minutes early so staff can assist you. Questions? Call the IT Department Manager at 776-4741 ext. 501