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Science Saturdays: Survival 101

Couldn’t survive five minutes out in the wilderness? Then, this program is for you. Learn the ropes of wilderness survival with Daniel Schapaugh. Katniss and Peeta will have nothing on you after this program. Be there on Saturday, July 19th at 10:00 in the Groesbeck Room. See you there! Recommended for tweens to adults.

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Summertime Fun — Out and About with Books

By Jennifer Adams, Children’s Services Manager

It is summer break, and the kids here are reading maniacs! In June, more than 30,000 children’s books and audiobooks were checked out from the library.  So far, 2,000 children have registered for the library’s summer reading program and read more than 600,000 minutes.  They are earning cool prizes to keep them motivated, including squirt toys, magnifying glasses, free books, and a wide choice of free food coupons or free kids’ day passes to the zoo and Discovery Center. The last day to collect prizes is July 31, and it is not too late to get your children signed up and include all the reading they have been doing since June 1st. 

Amidst the kids checking out books and getting their prizes, you may have noticed construction crews on the grounds, up on the roof, and in and out of the building.  The Children’s Room is shrinking while this phase of the construction project proceeds with renovations inside the current space, and with connecting the room to new spaces on both the north and south ends of the Children’s Room.  This will double the size of the space when the project is completed at the end of this year.

blue chickenLuckily, we are able to keep all our children’s materials available to the public, but space is getting more and more crowded for children’s events.  Children’s librarians will be doing some fun programs out and about the community during this phase.  Ms. Amber is leading weekly storytimes at Bluestem Bistro.  Meet on the patio on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 during the month of July to hear fun stories, rhymes and songs about colors.  This week’s theme is “blue” featuring Deborah Freedman’s Blue Chicken. What happens when an energetic chicken stumbles off the page and into a pot of blue paint?  Join us on the patio to find out. (more…)

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Science Saturdays: Bug Surprise!

Join us at the library Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. in the Groesbeck Room for Bug Surprise sponsored by the KSU Entomology Department. They will lead us in a hands-on workshop all about insects. The program will include information on insect biology with live specimens that you can touch. They will also go over the importance of insects for humans, both positive and negative aspects. And, for the all the brave souls, there will be an insect cooking and tasting activity! The workshop will be geared towards teens and adults, but is probably appropriate for upper elementary school kids, as well.

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Week Two of Summer Clubs and Storytimes

We had a great time last week with more than 300 kids who attended our storytimes and club sessions!  Some highlights were the reader’s theater in Curious Chaos Creators clubs, meeting Ms.Frizzle in Ms. Frizzle’s Science club and capturing germs in petri dishes during Minion Madness clubs.  Storytime kids loved the “touch and feel” activity table to go with the stories on our senses of sight and touch.

Join us again this week for lots more great stories and activities, including storytimes about noises, from animal sounds to the drumming of raindrops, and clubs about interesting scientific topics – metamorphosis, bees and electricity!kids doing readers theater at clubboy swabbing his mouth for science experiment

kids transferring germs to petri dishes for science experiment

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Need help with learning computers?

Do you or a family member struggle with using your computer? Or is there someone you know that could use some help with computer skills? We can help! Sign up for a 1-hour, one-on-one basic computer class to help get started in the digital world. Bring your questions and we will help fine the answers! For more information, check our web site or call 776-4741 x173 to sign up for a class.

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Outreach Services

booksFor those who can’t leave home, the world can come to them. If you find yourself unable to come to the library because of physical disability or a medical condition, librarians will select books for you and deliver them to your door, within city limits of Manhattan. An application form will be mailed to you that will ask for your reading preferences, then we will select materials and deliver them once each month. Call the library and speak to the Adult Services Department about this wonderful service at 776-4741 x141.

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We’ve Got Game(s)!

Alphild Dick, Adult Services Librarian

Most people associate libraries with books first. We’ve still got the books, but we’ve got some great other collections, too—like our video game collection! If you are a gamer, the library can be an awesome (and, as always, free) resource for you. Thanks to some help from our friends at Game Hounds and MPL’s Technology Center, we’ve spent the last year building our video game collection. With nearly 300 titles (and growing), we’ve got games for all ages, and for a wide variety of consoles.

callof dutyStill rocking a PS2? We’ve got “Call of Duty: Finest Hour,” “Kingdom Hearts,” and “Tekken Tag Tournament,” among other old school favorites. For the Wii, we’ve got “Super Smash Bros. Brawl,” the super popular and addictive fighting game that lets you play as game characters, like Mario, Pikachu, or Sonic the Hedgehog. Looking for a Wii game with more of a storyline? Try Okami,” the critically-acclaimed Japanese RPG (role playing game) wherein you become the wolf incarnation of the Japanese sun god Amaterasu. The storyline might sound obscure, but it actually translates beautifully, thanks to the game’s visual artistry and engaging characters. 

Video-games-as-movies have been popular recently, so even if you don’t usually play games, you might recognize the some of our titles, like Prince of Persia.” Jake Gyllenhaal won’t be making any appearances in this game, but the animation, starwarsgameespecially for our XBox version of the game, is gorgeous, so you won’t miss him. We’ve also got “Star Wars,” which has been almost as successful a video game series as the films. Want a little bit of exercise with your video games? You’ll be excited to hear that we also have games like “Dance Central 3,” which was one of the best reviewed games of 2012. Because “Dance Central 3” lets other players join in the mix, it is perfect for get-togethers with friends and family.

If you are on the PS3, you will have tons of options for games as well. We have popular action-adventure games, like “Uncharted 3” and “Batman: Arkham Asylum,” and role-playing games, like “Final Fantasy XIII” and “Resonance of Fate.” But don’t overlook some of the quirkier games, like “LittleBigPlanet 2,” a game that is reminiscent of the SIMs games, but starring an odd little rag doll. This might sound like an odd sales pitch, but the creativity and freedom of play that this game allows you is addictively enjoyable.

carsvideogame For the littlest gamers, there are some fun, family-friendly options, too. We’ve got a wide variety of Lego games, as well as the Disney and Pixar games, like “Disney’s Epic Mickey 2” and “Cars.” Many of our family-friendly games are also great for multiple players; for example, “Mario Kart,” a fast-paced racing game featuring characters from all the beloved Mario Bros. series, is one that parents and kids will love playing together. But not surprisingly, these video games are extremely popular, so if you see one that you have been dying to play, put a hold on it by logging on to our website!

 MPL also throws some great gaming parties. The first Monday of every month, we have a teen gaming program where kids in grades 7-12 can play Wii and xBox 360 games. MPL is also a big fan of Minecraft, the wildly popular building game that lets you create and interact with entire worlds. Keep your eye out for Minecraft events here at Ready_Player_One_coverthe library in the near future! Finally, video game fans who also love to read have something to be very excited about this fall. For their annual common read book, the K-State Book Network has chosen “Ready, Player One,” an excellent sci-fi/dystopian novel about a future where people compete to inherit the fortune of a wealthy video game builder. While “Ready, Player One” has a broad appeal for all readers, it is especially fun for fans of retro video games from the 1980s. Grab a copy of the book and get ready for the cool programs this fall at MPL and K-State that will go along with it.

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Great Summer Reading for Grown-Ups

Susan Withee, Adult Services Department Manager

groundbreaking reads

This coming Saturday, June 1, is the official kick-off for summer reading programs at Manhattan Public Library and the beginning of our busiest season.  Thousands of people come through the library’s doors every summer, and hundreds of them – children, teens, and adults – participate in a reading program.  There’s a program for each age group, and each has their own events, activities, and prizes.  If you’ve never participated in the adult summer reading program, this is the year to start!  Like we always say, “Why should the kids have all the fun?”

For busy adults, this summer reading program couldn’t be simpler or more tailored to your individual reading choices.  Readers from age 18 and beyond can sign up for the Adult program and you may register and track your reading online through the library’s website.  Through June and July, you read whatever you wish and in whatever format you prefer – printed book, e-book, or audiobook – and you keep track of the number of books read or the hours spent reading.  For each book read or every four hours spent reading you’ll fill out a drawing slip for great prizes.

Prize drawings are held each we’re very grateful for their support.week and final grand prizes will be drawn when the program finishes up at the end of July.  There are lots of great prizes to be given away, including gift certificates to local businesses, eateries, and agencies.  Sponsors of the adult program this year include the Manhattan Library Association (the Library Friends), the Flint Hills Discovery Center, Bed Bath & Beyond, Freddy’s Frozen Custard, and Panera Bread.

The theme of our program this summer is “Groundbreaking Reads,” focusing on people, ideas, inventions, films, books, and so on that have been innovative, noteworthy, and world-changing.  Adult readers who are up for a challenge may earn additional drawing chances in various ways.  Read a book from one of our “groundbreaking” reading lists, something by an author who is new to you, or a selection from our list of National Book Award winners of the past 40 years.  Check out a library movie on our list of groundbreaking and classic films, including A Clockwork Orange, Blazing Saddles, The Princess Bride, The French Connection, The Magnificent Seven, and many more.

You can also win extra drawing chances by going on one of our in-library scavenger hunts for books about people who changed history or about events that changed the world.  We’ll show four Oscar-winning films for adults here in the library in June and July, and attendance wins you more chances in the weekly prize drawings.  Stop by the library’s Information Desk to pick up reading lists, film lists, scavenger hunt guides, and a flyer about the free films, dates, and show times.

If you’re stumped for what to read this summer and looking for help discovering new authors and titles, it’s a great time to request one of our Personalized Reading Lists, created just for you by one of our librarians and based on your individual reading tastes and preferences. First, you’ll fill out an individualized reading survey, found at either the library’s Information Desk or Reference Desk, or available to fill out online at the library’s website under “Books, Movies & More.”  The survey is an easy questionnaire that will guide you in describing your reading tastes, including types of fiction and non-fiction you like to read as well as other important considerations like book length, time period, and setting.  You’ll be asked to list some of your favorite books and authors, to give us an idea of what you’ve enjoyed reading. Give us two weeks to work on your request, and you’ll receive a list of at least ten books, fiction and/or non-fiction, along with detailed summaries and descriptions, all tailored to suit your individual tastes and needs.  A new list can be prepared for you once a month and you’ll work with a librarian to fine-tune your reading profile over time.  And remember our favorite adage:  Never apologize for your reading tastes!  Chances are excellent that our librarians share them.  Let us help you find your future favorite books.

Happy summer reading, Manhattan!

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Get Your Fingers Dirty at the Library this Summer

Jennifer Adams, Children’s Services Manager

Get ready to Dig Into Reading all summer at the library for our summer reading theme.  Storytimes and clubs will be focusing on underground animals, dinosaur fossils, gardens and worms, construction trucks and more.  June 29 is International Mud Day, so this year our Saturday storytime that day will be all about glorious mud, with a mud pie-making contest at the end (outside).  But there’s lots more going on, so be sure to add the library to your summer schedule.

Our summer reading kick-off party is June 1 from 10:00-12:00, and all ages are invited to visit the library to sign up for summer reading and find treasure!  We will provide a treasure map for anyone interested in seeking out various desks and locations within the library, playing fun games for prizes and learning to talk like a pirate.  Kids can create pirate costume pieces for themselves and watch Pirate Pete’s Puppet Show in the auditorium.

The library’s summer reading program is a fun way to motivate kids to read during the break from school.  Continuing to read on a regular basis is critical for kids to maintain and improve their reading skills so they are prepared to enter the next grade in the fall.  Summer reading also motivates parents to read aloud to their younger children, and teens to read books, magazines or graphic novels that interest them and that don’t come with any assignments or reports attached.  Adults can also join in and have some extra incentive to tackle some titles from their “Too many books, too little time” list.

Participating is easy.  You can register at the library or online, and then just keep track of your reading time to earn prizes like free books, restaurant or store gift certificates, toys, mugs, etc.  Our sponsors are amazingly generous, with Vista Drive-In donating 1000 free ice cream cone coupons, as they have done for more than 10 years, and many other fabulous donations.

Storytimes begin June 3rd with options for babies, toddlers and preschoolers throughout the week, including Saturdays.  Baby Rhyme Time for ages 0-18 months meets Mondays at 11 and Thursdays at 10.  In addition to bouncy rhymes, songs and music, each parent/baby pair gets to read a “choral reader” book together during each session. One week will focus on construction vehicles with our new choral reader board book Dinosaur Dig, which has lots of fun language and colorful pictures.

The “Move & Groove” storytimes for toddlers and preschoolers will feature lots of great story books, flannelboards, action rhymes and dancing to music, parachute play, and digging for treasures or crawling through our cloth tunnel to go along with the “dig” theme.  Our goal is for kids to emerge excited about books and reading every day.

Summer clubs for kids going into kindergarten through 6th grade will be busy with lots of cool stories, games and crafts.  The youngest set will join the Precocious Prairie Dogs Club and will feature some funny and strange underground animals, and one week will include a wiggly-jiggly worm relay outside.  The Digging Detectives Club for 2nd-3rd graders will focus on dinosaurs one week, and they will make their own mini dinosaur island using play dough, sticks, grass, and other natural materials.

Ms. Rachel likes to come up with fascinating and “very grown up” activities for the 4th-6th graders, who can attend the Archaeo-Paleo-Anthro-Pologists club on Wednesdays or Thursdays.  Each week will cover a different ancient culture, plus one week on dinosaur fossils. When they learn about ancient China, Rachel will show the terracotta warriors and then allow kids to try to piece together pottery shards.

We’re showing free kids’ movies every Friday afternoon at 2:00, including several titles based on popular children’s books that involve digging, living underground, saving burrowing animals or traveling inside a giant fruit.

A couple of special treats for animal lovers include the Milford Nature Center program on June 14, and the monthly ZOOfari programs on June 28 and July 26.  Staff from Milford will present “Can You Dig It? Life in a Dog Town,” with amazing facts about prairie dogs and all the animals that depend on them.  Did you know prairie dogs have kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms in their homes? Learn about burrowing owls, turtles and salamanders that call these tunnels home, too, and meet a black-footed ferret.  The June ZOOfari Tails will focus on animal dads, and in July the stories will be about pond animals with a visit from a live salamander or toad.

We will also be continuing our Sunday afternoon “R.E.A.D. With Dogs” program during which kids can sign up to read to a Reading Education Assistance Dog (certified therapy dog) for 15 minutes or so.  The dogs are beautiful, kind and nonjudgmental, creating the perfect environment for reading practice. Of course, this time can be included on the summer reading logs as kids work toward earning their prizes.

You can already get a little taste of the summer theme this Saturday at our “Holey Moley” Stories on the Lawn at 11:00.  Just meet on the Poyntz side lawn, bring a blanket or chair or maybe a picnic lunch, and be entertained with funny stories and a cute craft to take home.

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