Water Matters Day 2014

by Heather Strafuss, Assistant Circulation Supervisor


Photo by Jamie McCaffrey via Creative Commons at http://ow.ly/A4KIH

You wake up and don’t even think about it. After stumbling out of your bedroom and making your way down the hall, you turn the faucet on and begin the mindless task of brushing your teeth. Next you might make coffee, fill your dog’s water bowl, or water your plants.

But imagine if waking up in the morning wasn’t so simple. Imagine that, once you wake up and leave your bed, you don’t have a convenient way to brush your teeth. That water isn’t automatically accessible from your faucet for your coffee pot or to fill your dog’s water dish. There is no water in the hose that gives your plants their daily drink. What would you do?

How would you get your water?

Water Matters Day is a day to educate people around the world about water issues, and help people without such easily available water get what they need. Locally, it addresses the need we have to assist other Kansans who might be dealing with drought or water accessibility issues of their own.

On August 9th head to City Park Poll at 1pm to participate in the 4th annual Water Matters Day. The Manhattan Konza Rotary Club will be there all afternoon, with activities to help increase awareness about water resources. There will be booths, giveaways, food, activities and prizes for the whole family. The library will be present with a booth of activities and information to hand out as well!

If you’re interested in continuing your education even further, stop by the library after and pick up a few books on the subject! MPL has numerous resources, so stop by our Adult Services Department for a brochure on the best Water Matters information!

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