Perseid Meteor Shower

By Heather Strafuss, Assistant Circulation Supervisor

perseid meteor shower in AustinBetween August 10-12 Manhattanites will have the opportunity to see one of the brightest meteor showers of the year: the Perseid Meteor shower. Named after the constellation and the Greek mythological hero Perseus, the Perseid Meteor Shower lies in the north-eastern part of the sky (this information and more found here).

If you’re interested in catching a glimpse of the shower, grab a blanket and head out to one of the following spots around Manhattan. You shouldn’t need a telescope, but it’s easiest to see the shower when it’s fully dark out, after 10pm. (Please remember to abide by park closing times!)

For awesome, away-from-city-lights viewing opportunities, try:

  • On Top of the World: Head north on Seth Child’s and turn left on Top of the World Drive. Follow the road to a parking lot that is a perfect spot for star gazing.
  • Manhattan Hill: Turn left onto Ehler’s Road from Tuttle Creek Boulevard. Another left on Bluemont Scenic Drive will lead to a parking lot. You can choose to look for the meteor there, or exit the car and take a short hike around the water tower to Manhattan Hill, where you can stand on the word “Manhattan” and look out over the town.
  • Observation Point Drive: Take Tuttle Creek Boulevard to Highway 13 and turn left onto Tuttle Cove Road and right onto Observation Point Drive. You’ll find a parking lot with a great view of the lake and the night sky.
  • K-177 Overlook Park: Head out of town on K-177. A few miles out of town there will be a lookout on your right which offers yet another fabulous spot to stargaze.

If you need a good excuse to stay up late to see the meteor shower, stop by the library and pick up a good book or movie to keep you company while you wait!

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