Paperback Book Day

Heather holding a mug of coffee and a copy of the Princess Bride

Demonstration: right hand coffee; left hand book.

By Heather Strafuss, Assistant Circulation Supervisor

Today we celebrate the paperback: the small and inexpensive soft-covered book. (By decree of the Days of the Year calendar.)

The history of the paperback is intriguingly similar to that of the e-book: the ability to produce them cheaper and sell them at lower prices appealed to consumers but frustrated publishers and bookstores. However, despite the controversy created around them when they began, and the worry that e-books might take their place in modern times, paperbacks are still around and making their way into reader’s hearts today.

Like many readers, my favorite way to read is to curl up with a good paperback and a cup of coffee. Long before I tried out an e-reader, a paperback was the most convenient way to read. It was light, fit into my budget and was easily shoved into a backpack or purse if I needed to carry it around with me.

It also hurt a lot less than a hardback if I dropped it on my face while reading.

A paperback still has the “book” feel to it: textured pages and the papery scent that booklovers around the world know so well. It has a bendy cover that allows you to hold it one-handed. While you do have to go to an actual store to buy one, paperbacks have the bonus of being low-priced to also accommodate a visit to the coffee shop.

For me, a well-loved paperback means a familiar story on a rainy-day, with rain pinging on the window and a mind engrossed in a different world.

If you’re looking for your own paperback to read and cherish, stop by Rosie’s Corner Used Book Store on the first floor of the library to purchase one for $1.25 or browse the library to check out as many as you can carry!

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