World Oceans Day

world oceans dayToday, in countries around the world, people are celebrating World Oceans Day with the theme “Together We Have the Power to Protect the Ocean”. This world-wide event was begun to bring awareness to the pollution of our oceans that many people around the world depend upon for their livelihoods as well as for recreation.

We in Manhattan live far from an ocean, but our actions can still affect the health of the world’s oceans. How can we help? Support clean energy and purchase sustainable seafood to avoid depleting natural fisheries. Seafood Watch provides recommendations for purchasing ocean-friendly seafood in stores or restaurants–download the app for free.

Have you noticed the fish emblem on many of our sewer drains in town? Those remind us not to dump chemicals, paint, or other toxins directly into the sewers. The sewers flow into our streams and rivers, eventually reaching the oceans and affecting the marine ecosystem. Find out how to dispose of hazardous waste safely with this information from the City of Manhattan.

To learn more about studying ocean life, check out the library copy of World Ocean Census: a Global Survey of Marine Life by Darlene Trew Crist, which chronicles the 10 year project to determine what creatures once lived in the oceans, what animals currently live there, and what does the future hold for them. “This book deals with the adventures and experiences of the Census of Marine Life and the process of gathering the data, revealing the stories behind the science. The authors detail the most fascinating findings and exciting discoveries — the thrills encountered and the difficulties overcome — all illustrated with fabulous images captured during the project’s explorations.”

We may not be able to celebrate World Oceans Day at a sunny beach with the waves lapping the shore, but we can do our part to keep our oceans clean, even from Kansas!


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