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SupermanJune is Superman Month and MPL has a great collection for anyone interested in reading about the iconic Man of Steel. Over the past 76 years, the humble superhero has appeared in comics, movies and TV shows. Despite his numerous makeovers and reinventions, Superman remains loved for his ability to be the planet’s most down-to-Earth protector. Recently the movie series was rebooted with Man of Steel. Henry Cavill stars in the lead role, and an anticipated sequel is on the way. For kids, an animated series titled Superman: Supervillians flies off the shelves to introduce a new generation to the Man from Krypton. And for those feeling nostalgic, there are the beloved Superman movies starring Christopher Reeves. (Available through ILL at MPL.)

For an interesting glimpse at Superman’s life and history, check out Superman: The Unauthorized Biography by Glen Weldon. It takes a look at how Superman has stayed so popular over the years, and examines Superman as a cultural phenomenon.

And don’t forget to find Superman in any of our Graphic novel sections! Graphic novels are fictional stories presented in comic-strip format and published as a book. The following GNs are fun, new takes on Superman, recommended by our in-house Graphic novel expert, Tyler.

  • All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison (From the inside cover): “You’ve seen it before. Now see it again as though for the first time. Not an origin story, modernization, or reinvention–but instead a timeless and iconic presentation refined by the passion and craft of master storytellers, ALL-STAR SUPERMAN presents a unique and elegant interpretation of the original and most recognizable of all superheroes.”
  • Last Son by Geoff Johns (From the back cover): “When a Kryptonian child crash-lands in Metropolis, Clark Kent raises the boy as his own—even giving him a secret identity as Christopher Kent. But joining Superman’s family means taking on all his enemies as well…each has enough power to rival Superman, and each will do anything to have Christopher for their own.”
  • Birthright by Mark Waid (From the inside Cover): “Over the years since his 1938 debut, legends of his origins have been told and retold—but now, for the first time, the biggest questions are finally answered: Why does Superman do what he does? Is it simply a good heart that compels him to wage a never-ending battle for truth and justice, or is there another reason? What is it really like to be a hero in today’s world? And why would a man who can fly and lift tanks choose to hide behind a pair of glasses?”

These books are just the start of our collection, though! Superman is a hero that inspires all ages, so be sure to look for him in our Adult, Teen or Children’s Graphic Novel section.

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