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For me, the fast-approaching summer calls up childhood memories of lounging on my jungle gym, drinking gallons of sweet, sticky lemonade, and devouring book after book. I’ve since traded the jungle gym for a porch swing and lemonade for iced coffee, but voracious reading has remained a constant. Being a big reader poses a serious threat–running out of reading material. In the age of computer recommendations, you can always turn to Amazon or GoodReads to get ideas, but in my experience, those selections can be impersonal and inaccurate. My preference is always to ask my coworkers for their reading suggestions. It’s a perk of working at a library…and it’s a perk that you can take advantage of, too.

As summer approaches, keep in mind the many services that Manhattan Public Library offers to help you find the perfect books for your summer reading. We can help you stay stocked up on reading material–and you’ll hardly have to lift a finger.

Personalized Reading Lists: You may have noticed the super-helpful booklists located by the Information Desk at MPL. These lists are full of reading suggestions, and we take great care to update them regularly to reflect the newest and the best books in our collections. Perhaps you would like something crafted more to your own unique tastes, though. That’s where our personalized reading lists come in handy. Fill out a short survey telling us all about your reading likes and dislikes and within 10 days, you’ll get a completely customized list of at least 10 books for your enjoyment.

Book Reviews: If you are more the type to browse for yourself, our brand-new book review website is up and running at BookTALK is the (virtual) place to go in Manhattan for the lowdown on the newest bestsellers, as well as books you may never have heard of. All BookTALK reviews are written by MPL staff themselves, and you won’t find a more passionate, in-the-know group of readers than librarians. We cover every genre and all age groups on BookTALK, making it much easier for you to find a book for yourself AND for kiddos. We don’t just do reviews, either! We cover book awards, create fun and quirky book lists, and just generally share our love of reading. A must-visit site for anyone of the bookish persuasion!

But wait (as they say)! There’s more! On BookTALK, you can find more than just reviews, awards, and lists. It’s also a portal to many of our other reading resources. You’ll find our personalized reading list survey and links to children’s book resources and NoveList (a book review database). You’ll also find our new subscribable email book lists. For maximum convenience, select the genres and subjects that you are interested in and every month or two, depending on your choice, you’ll get a brand-new list of books in the library’s collection. Bonus points: Just click on the title of the book in the list, and you’ll be whisked away to our catalog to place your requests!

Get Social: Enjoy sharing your reading on social media? So do we. You’ll find all sorts of cool stuff on our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. We share library events, book news, awards, reviews, literary fun facts, and more. To find out what’s going on at MPL and to get reading advice without setting your smartphone or tablet to the side, find us online.

Of course, if you want to beat the heat AND find a book to read, Manhattan Public Library staff can always provide in-person, on-site help finding a book. In fact, there is really nothing we love more than being asked for reading suggestions. Just stop by the Information Desk or the Reference Desk and tell us what you’re in the mood for. You’ll be just a few questions away from an armful of great reads.

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