Dr. Who Read Alikes

Keri Mills, Young Adult Librarian

Doctor Who just celebrated its 50th  anniversary last year and is still going strong. If you or your teens are Dr. Who fans, here are some YA books you might enjoy:

“TimeRiders” by Alex Scarrow       Liam, Madeline, and Saleena were each saved from imminent death by a mysterious time traveler from the future named Foster. They are brought to New York City in the year 2001 to bring their talents and skills to the TimeRiders, a group created to stop time travel from destroying the world. This is the first in the series of the same name.

“Bzrk” by Michael Grant       Conjoined twins Charles and Benjamin Armstrong, evil and twisted owners of Armstrong Fancy Gifts Corporation, have a master plan to take over the world and turn it into their version of Utopia. Opposing them is a secret organization, code name BZRK, in which members take the names of the famously insane. This is no ordinary war, however. Here, the weapons of choice are nanobots the size of dust mites, and the battlefield is inside the human brain. The price of war to combatants is often insanity, loss of memory or free will, and even death. Atrocities are committed on both sides, and it is often impossible to tell the good guys from the bad. This is the first book in a planned trilogy. Check out book number two “Bzrk Reloaded” after finishing the first one.

“Variant” by Robison Wells      Seventeen-year-old Benson Fisher applies to New Mexico’s Maxfield Academy hoping for a brighter future. However, his new boarding school is not what it seems. Once on site, he finds himself surrounded by a brick wall and razor wire fence, no teachers,  video cameras that monitor students’ every move, and no chance for escape. This is a fast, gripping read with a cliffhanger ending. Pick up the sequel “Feedback” as soon as you are done.

“Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” by Ransom Riggs      Jacob Portman used to love the stories that his grandfather told him; tall tales spun from his childhood as a World War II refugee in Wales and supported by a bizarre collection of photographs.  As he gets older, Jacob stops believing the far-fetched stories about his grandfather’s fellow refugee children, all of whom purportedly have unusual abilities like invisibility and fire handling.  All of that changes, though, when Jacob is the sole witness to the frightening murder of his grandfather. On his therapist’s suggestion, he heads to Wales to visit the old home where his grandfather grew up.  Suddenly, his grandpa’s tales don’t seem so far-fetched after all—Jacob discovers that, against all logic, the peculiar children from the photographs are alive and well, seemingly preserved in time.  And, he may have some peculiar abilities of his own. The story is continued in book number two, “Hollow Children.”

When You Reach Me” by Rebecca Stead      Twelve-year-old Miranda lives in 1978 New York City. One day Miranda starts receiving mysterious notes that suggest someone is watching her and know things about her life in the future. One such cryptic note reads, “I’m coming to save your friend’s life, and my own.” Just who are these mysterious notes from and what do they mean?

“Hourglass”  by Myra McEntire      Seventeen-year-old Emerson Cole has grown up believing that she sees ghosts. She just wants them to stop so she can lead a normal life, but after trying everything, these mysterious ghosts keep returning. Finally, she is introduced to Michael from an organization called Hourglass. Michael, it seems understands everything she is going through because he has the same abilities. As it turns out, Em is not crazy, she is gifted with the ability to move through time. She might not only be able to see the past, but also to change it.

“172 Hours on the Moon” by Johan Harstad      NASA is struggling with its space program. To revive it, someone comes up with the brilliant idea to hold a worldwide lottery where three teenagers will be chosen for a mission to the moon. Little do the teens know there was a reason that space exploration ended on the moon years ago. Something sinister happened that no one will talk about.  Now the three teens and the crew will face a life and death situation with no one coming to save them. Will anyone make it out alive?

While you’re in the library, also check out the Time Travel display in the YA area for the month of March.



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