New Season, New Readings

By Marcia Allen
Technical Services & Collections Manager

What’s new for this fall’s adult fiction book releases? A riveting story that revolves around a long-hidden Mayan codex of epic proportions.  A real puzzler of a missing person for series favorite Chief Inspector Gamache.  A woman long estranged from her London family called back to her dying sister’s side. A fraudulent scheme to build a Florida museum that is little more than a land grab. A woman who thinks she holds the answers to a deadly 1929 dance hall explosion. Sound intriguing? If so, here’s more information about those new arrivals.
mayan·    “The Mayan Secrets” by co-writers Clive Cussler (real life explorer of shipwrecks) and Thomas Perry (author of the Jane Whitefield series) is the newest in the Sam and Remi Fargo adventure tales. This time out, the intrepid explorers have stumbled upon a codex that reveals much about the lives and beliefs of the Mayan people. Complications arise when another treasure-seeker vows to have the book at any cost. Armchair adventure at its best.
·    “How the Light Gets In” by Louise Penny throws Chief Inspector Gamache into compounded difficulties. He is dealing with the disbanding of his homicide staff when an acquaintance from the village of Three Pines reports that a friend failed to arrive at a pre-planned time.  The missing friend’s identity turns out to be even more surprising. Another winning mystery in a favorite series.
·    “Constance” by Rosie Thomas follows the heartbreak of a woman who has been called back to her native England.  Abandoned shortly after birth by her mother, Connie grew up well aware of her adoptive status. A romantic betrayal eventually severed her relationship with her sister, Jeanette, and a new life in Bali offered her an escape. Now, however, the sister is terminally ill.  This is a moving tale of fractured ties to family.
·    “Deceived” by Randy Wayne White is not another Doc Ford adventure.  Instead the decievedmystery is the second in the Hannah Smith series.  The notion of a museum devoted to the early days of Florida pioneers is appealing, but those asked to donate artifacts to the cause are but victims of fraudulent land deals. Hannah’s on the case, but she’s also distracted by a murder. Lots of rich Florida atmosphere and a spunky main character in this mystery.
“The Maid’s Version” by Daniel Woodrell is another gritty Ozark tale of betrayal and revenge. Remember Woodrell’s “Winter’s Bone”? You’ll find more downtrodden characters and ready violence similar to that of the previous tale. This time local maid Alma Dunahew wants to know why her headstrong younger sister died during a dancehall fire.  Alma’s investigation leads her to believe that a forbidden affair caused the disaster, but other family members are not so eager to learn the truth.  The stark setting and pared-down writing make this another Woodrell treasure.
·    “Bones of the Lost” by Kathy Reichs is a treat for the thousands of the Temperance Brennan fans. This complicated tale offers many challenges for the beloved forensic anthropologist. Among other problems, Tempe must investigate a suspicious death of a young girl, the confiscation of Peruvian dog mummies in customs, the heartbreak of her daughter, and the increasing unhappiness of her own boyfriend, Pete. Top-notch forensic details and unexpected twists make for an engrossing story.
·    “Evil Eye” by Joyce Carol Oates is aptly described as “four novellas of love gone wrong.” Each character struggles with what it means to commit. Insecure teenager Lizbeth, for example, is flattered and confused in a story entitled “So Near   Any Time…Always” when young attractive Desmond Parrish takes an interest in her. Soon, however, his attentions become obsessive and he begins stalking her.  Other tales in this slim volume are equally disturbing.
falling snow·    “In Falling Snow” by Mary-Rose MacColl brings to life the experiences of a young Australian nurse in battle-torn France of 1914.  Young Iris Crane gets sidetracked from her goal of locating her younger brother when a charismatic physician convinces her to help create a field hospital for wounded troops.  The uncertainties of war intervene, and her plans are drastically altered.  All of this is part of a distant past, until one day she receives a telling letter.  Thus, old memories are re-examined.
Fall book season is prime reading time.  Browse the library catalog or the new book
collection to see the latest tempting titles.


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