Mud Cooking

Last week, I took my 4-year old niece to the playground. Upon arriving, she yelled, “My kitchen!” and ran to a large bush. She showed me her table (a large rock) and her oven (another rock). We gathered a collection of leaves and ripped them up to make salad. We gathered some dirt to spice it, and tore apart some Trumpetvine flowers to be carrots. Then, of course, we ate it by munching loudly and throwing it over our shoulders onto the ground.

Mud cooking is a classic form of play. I spent hours mud cooking as a child, as I am sure many others did. Mud cooking is a great way for kids to explore the world around them, practice their fine motor skills, and your kids could practice literacy skills by making recipes for beautiful mud pies.

All you need is some dirt and plant materials! Of course, mud cooking can be as complex as your child wants it to be. You could devote some old dishes and pans to mud cooking, and stir up batter with water and dirt, and go on foraging expeditions around your backyard to collect materials. Regardless of what you use or how you do it, you will have fun! …and get a little bit messy!


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