We’ve Got Game(s)!

Alphild Dick, Adult Services Librarian

Most people associate libraries with books first. We’ve still got the books, but we’ve got some great other collections, too—like our video game collection! If you are a gamer, the library can be an awesome (and, as always, free) resource for you. Thanks to some help from our friends at Game Hounds and MPL’s Technology Center, we’ve spent the last year building our video game collection. With nearly 300 titles (and growing), we’ve got games for all ages, and for a wide variety of consoles.

callof dutyStill rocking a PS2? We’ve got “Call of Duty: Finest Hour,” “Kingdom Hearts,” and “Tekken Tag Tournament,” among other old school favorites. For the Wii, we’ve got “Super Smash Bros. Brawl,” the super popular and addictive fighting game that lets you play as game characters, like Mario, Pikachu, or Sonic the Hedgehog. Looking for a Wii game with more of a storyline? Try Okami,” the critically-acclaimed Japanese RPG (role playing game) wherein you become the wolf incarnation of the Japanese sun god Amaterasu. The storyline might sound obscure, but it actually translates beautifully, thanks to the game’s visual artistry and engaging characters. 

Video-games-as-movies have been popular recently, so even if you don’t usually play games, you might recognize the some of our titles, like Prince of Persia.” Jake Gyllenhaal won’t be making any appearances in this game, but the animation, starwarsgameespecially for our XBox version of the game, is gorgeous, so you won’t miss him. We’ve also got “Star Wars,” which has been almost as successful a video game series as the films. Want a little bit of exercise with your video games? You’ll be excited to hear that we also have games like “Dance Central 3,” which was one of the best reviewed games of 2012. Because “Dance Central 3” lets other players join in the mix, it is perfect for get-togethers with friends and family.

If you are on the PS3, you will have tons of options for games as well. We have popular action-adventure games, like “Uncharted 3” and “Batman: Arkham Asylum,” and role-playing games, like “Final Fantasy XIII” and “Resonance of Fate.” But don’t overlook some of the quirkier games, like “LittleBigPlanet 2,” a game that is reminiscent of the SIMs games, but starring an odd little rag doll. This might sound like an odd sales pitch, but the creativity and freedom of play that this game allows you is addictively enjoyable.

carsvideogame For the littlest gamers, there are some fun, family-friendly options, too. We’ve got a wide variety of Lego games, as well as the Disney and Pixar games, like “Disney’s Epic Mickey 2” and “Cars.” Many of our family-friendly games are also great for multiple players; for example, “Mario Kart,” a fast-paced racing game featuring characters from all the beloved Mario Bros. series, is one that parents and kids will love playing together. But not surprisingly, these video games are extremely popular, so if you see one that you have been dying to play, put a hold on it by logging on to our website!

 MPL also throws some great gaming parties. The first Monday of every month, we have a teen gaming program where kids in grades 7-12 can play Wii and xBox 360 games. MPL is also a big fan of Minecraft, the wildly popular building game that lets you create and interact with entire worlds. Keep your eye out for Minecraft events here at Ready_Player_One_coverthe library in the near future! Finally, video game fans who also love to read have something to be very excited about this fall. For their annual common read book, the K-State Book Network has chosen “Ready, Player One,” an excellent sci-fi/dystopian novel about a future where people compete to inherit the fortune of a wealthy video game builder. While “Ready, Player One” has a broad appeal for all readers, it is especially fun for fans of retro video games from the 1980s. Grab a copy of the book and get ready for the cool programs this fall at MPL and K-State that will go along with it.

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