Fairy Gardens

Recently my three-year-old grandson and I made a little dish garden.  These gardens come into style every so often, being called terrariums, dish gardens, or currently “fairy gardens.”  Since we included a snake and a fox figurine in the garden, Colton dubbed it a “prairie garden.”  A basic garden can be made in a simple terra cotta pot saucer.  Or you can be creative and use any shallow container.  We planted Irish moss to represent the prairie, with a begonia for a “tree” and a fern for a “bush.”  Colton carefully laid light blue glass stones to make a “creek” and a “pond.”  Last came the fox figurine (which Colton thought should go into the ground head first like it was burrowing), and a small rubber snake.  You can include as many animals, fairies, plants, and props as you want to.  The local flower markets have a great selection of miniature  trellises, houses, toys, and animals to choose from.  Or recycle household items to decorate your garden. We put the prairie garden by the front door. Colton has fun checking on his prairie garden every time he comes over! Posted by Victoria.

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