Construction rhymes for little ones

dinosaur digWe kicked off our summer storytimes with a  “construction” theme!  Our 6 x 6 literacy activities in the storytime room  combine dinosaurs and vehicles in  “Dinosaur Dig.”  Does it get any better than dinosaurs driving construction vehicles?  Come visit our activity stations to practice early literacy skills, and have  lots of fun.  You can push a construction vehicle toy or a dinosaur along the roads on the tables.  Or match dinosaurs with colors, sound out dinosaur names, or construct something original with the blocks.  To continue the construction fun at home, try out these rhymes with your pre-schooler.


Tool Dance (act out the motions)

I’m a little screwdriver,

Screwdriver, screwdriver,

I’m a little screwdriver,

Watch me spin!


I’m a little hammer…watch me pound!

I’m a little shovel…watch me dig!

I’m a little wrench…watch me twist!

I’m a little jackhammer…watch me jump!


This Is the Way (to Here We Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush)

This is the way we push the dirt,

Push the dirt, push the dirt.

This is the way we push the dirt,

In the construction zone.


This is the way we dig a hole…

This is the way we dump the dirt…

This is the way we smooth the road…

This is the way we lift the beams…

This is the way we smash it down…


Johnny’s Hammers

Johnny worked with one hammer, one hammer, one hammer (pretend to swing a hammer with one hand)

Johnny worked with one hammer, but that was not enough!


Johnny worked with two hammers… (“hammer” with both hands)

Johnny worked with three hammers… (kick one foot)

Johnny worked with four hammers… (kick one foot, then the other foot)

Johnny worked with five hammers…and then the job was done! (nod your head while you keep your hands and feet swinging–it’s harder than it sounds!)

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