Birds Build Nests…that are truly amazing

My house has recently been added on to, but not by us. A robin chose our back porch to build her nest. We are currently awaiting (with much anticipation) the day ‘our’ robin’s eggs hatch. Watching her build a nest has piqued my son’s interest in nesting, so we’ve been looking into it a bit. One book that even I was amazed by is Birds Build Nests by Yvonne Winer. Bird species each have their own way of constructing a nest. Robin’s nests are familiar to us all, but some species build truly astonishing nests! Beautiful illustrations show nests from birds who build their nests on floating plants to birds that know how to sew. These nests are anything but familiar. Interesting discussions have popped out of this book. How did a tailor bird learn to sew? How does a peregrine falcon lay eggs on a tiny ledge without them rolling off? How can a fairy martin find its own nest in a colony of seven hundred nests? I’m afraid there were more questions than answers, but it certainly left me in awe of nature.

If you’re looking to extend the conversation, you could also open up the discussion to the many types of dwellings that people live in. Why do people choose to build houses the way they do? How have homes changed over time? What is most important in your home? Again, you may be left with more questions than answers…but luckily, you know where to find answers – you just need more books!


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