Gardening Rhymes

water can gardenSpring is here and gardens are blooming. Even if you don’t have a garden at home, your child can have fun pretending to grow plants and even be a plant. Here are some fun gardening rhymes to get you started:

Dig a Little Hole

Dig a little hole (pretend to dig)

Plant a little seed (pretend to plant)

Pour a little water (pretend to water)

Pull a little weed (pretend to weed)

Chase a little bug (shoo with hands)

There he goes! (wiggle fingers away)

Give a little sunshine (arms circle overhead)

Grow a little rose (pretend to hold flower to smell)

Five Little Sunflowers

Five little sunflowers, growing in the ground

(crouch down)

Five little sunflowers yellow and brown,

The sun began to shine – The rain began to fall

(arms over head – fingers flutter down)

And the five little sunflowers grew up tall

(pretend to grow – stretch arms up)

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