Fact or Fiction?

We often get kids in the library asking for “real vampire” or “real bigfoot” books. I know they mean the books that are in the non-fiction section, but I often wonder if these kids know that these books aren’t true. These books are shelved either in the 001 section (unexplained phenomena) or the 398 section (fairy tales and folklore). Does your child know fact from fiction? Some of the books will make even an adult wonder…could there be an undiscovered animal out there that looks like this? Scientists are discovering new species everyday, and species once thought to be extinct have been found alive.

Put on  your detective’s hat (and a healthy dose of skepticism) to read books like Mysteries Unwrapped: Mutants and Monsters with your kids. Some of the ideas are pretty out there (I’m pretty sure the Mothman is not, in fact, an ultraterrestrial being from another universe!), but others are a little harder to say – maybe there are giant squids like the Kraken. The oceans are deep and largely unstudied, so who knows what’s out there? After all, platypus, gorillas, kangaroos, and many other animals used to be the stuff of fiction …until they became fact.


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