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We recently added a new magazine subscription at the library, Working Mother. Articles focus on ways to balance your time between family and work, tips for dealing with situations with your kids, teachers, spouse or boss, and a variety of other related issues.

In the first issue we received, I enjoyed “The Almost Perfect Mom,” which set out some realistic goals for working moms who feel almost perfect but not quite, and reminded us not to compare ourselves to our own mothers and what they seemed to do perfectly.  In the regular “LOL” column titled “Sick Day,”contributing writer Kari Richardson lamented the paradox of wanting to care for sick children and not wanting to miss important work opportunities.  “We long to be close to pour ginger ale and whisper soothing words, even as we dread emailing the boss that we can’t make it in today…again.”  She ended with an experience when an executive in her company cut a meeting short so she could go home to take care of her daughter. “It’s nice to know some things are as universal as the common cold.”

Amidst the usual ads, recipes and quippy pieces that accompany all magazines for females, this one appears to have some funny, pertinent and useful content for moms who split their time and energy between job and family.

Working Mother magazine will be housed in the Children’s Room in our Parents’ Shelf section, which is a really useful nook to know about.  Other magazines in this corner of the room include Homeschooling Today, Mailbox (“the idea magazine for teachers”), Parenting, Adoptive Families, Family Fun, Fit Pregnancy and more.

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