Songs for Wiggleworms CD

Music and movement go together naturally, and Songs for Wiggleworms is a great CD for active kids who love to move. The tunes are lively and many of them include actions.  For example, in Row, Row, Row Your Boat, you will also twist, bounce and sway your boat. It doesn’t make a lot of sense but kids don’t care.  The songs with actions can also be fun if you are working with your child on following instructions, but don’t be surprised if toddlers get stuck on one motion they really enjoy, like jumping, and just keep doing it for the whole song.

Putting on fun music and getting kids moving can change attitudes almost instantly. This is great trick for days when meltdowns are frequent or a child seems to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Kids are more likely to get in the dancing mood if a parent or teacher does it with them, at least to get started.  Extend your music movement time by providing something fun for kids to dance with, such as a doll, string, scarf or instrument.  Model different ways to move their arms and legs. Some ideas include:

  • waving hands high, then low
  • spinning
  • wiggling
  • kicking legs forward or out to the sides
  • swaying by bending at the waist
  • hopping in place
  • starting tall and crouching down slowly until arms are around knees, and reverse
  • jogging, skipping or galloping in a circle around the room
  • imitating animal movments (monkey, elephant, bird, etc.)


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