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I love to read Snowmen at Night by Caralyn and Mark Buehner to my kids in the wintertime. Even if we don’t have snow, we love thinking about building snowmen.  In this story, a little boy wonders why his snowman looks all crooked and disheveled the next day, so he imagines all the games snowmen must play while we are asleep in our houses.  Since this book made a hit in 2002, the Buehners have written several more snowmen books, including this year’s Snowmen at Work.  Here are some fun ideas to extend these books with simple snowmen crafts using items you have at home:

Create a snowman s’mores snack using a graham cracker square for the base, stack two large marshmallows (use a toothpick to keep them together if you want), and top with a rolo candy or other fruit or chocolate for the hat.  You can stick pretzels in the sides for arms or broomsticks.  If you want to get detailed, melt a few chocolate chips in the microwave (just a few seconds will do it) and use a toothpick to paint on chocolate eyes, nose and smile.

Use 3 different sized lids to trace circles on a piece of paper.  Teach your child how to “dot, dot, dot, not a lot” with glue, and stick cotton balls inside the circles.  The parent or child can cut out round eyes, carrot nose and smile from construction paper, or get creative using some small lids from soda or juice bottles for eyes and buttons, a real strip of carrot for the nose, small sticks from the yard for arms, etc.

The snowmen in the story make cold cocoa drinks instead of hot chocolate.  See if your children know why the snowmen can’t drink something hot, and discuss the difference between hot and cold, things that can melt, etc..  Make a variation of the above craft by tracing the circles. Then help your child make glue circles following the traced lines.  Use mini marshmallows to outline the circles, instead of cotton balls, and then draw in some snowman features.  Afterwards, enjoy some hot cocoa together, or make vanilla milkshake snowmen. (Several of these ideas can be seen on this blog:

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