Doodles For Two

by Ethan Long

Scribbles and Ink (a cat and a mouse) are best buds and will show you how to make some silly doodles with your best bud. The book is full of simple pictures done in red and blue. Doodler 1 draws the red parts and Doodler 2 draws the blue parts. Each drawing’s instructions end with a suggestion of what else you could add to your doodles. The doodles cover all sorts of subjects – a pirate, a superhero, a snowman, a princess, a rock star, a weird three-eyed snake-deer monster. Whether you doodle with your kid, they doodle with a sibling, or they doodle with a friend, they are sure to have fun.

Note: The book includes space to doodle each drawing, but please use your own paper if you check out the library copy!

reviewed by Jessica

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