A Little Bit Of Winter by Paul Stewart

 Paul Stewart’s A Little Bit Of Winter  is one of the sweetest tales of friendship I’ve read.  Though they are very different,  Hedgehog and Rabbit are best of friends.  Hedgehog hibernates through winter, and longs to know what he’s missing.  Rabbit agrees to save “a little bit of winter” for his friend so he can feel winter when he wakes up from his long winter sleep.  Rabbit rolls up a huge snowball and covers it with leaves.  By spring, the snowball has melted down to a tiny ball, but it’s still enough for Hedgehog to experience the scent, feel, and cold of winter. The illustrations are lovely and the dialogue between the friends rings true.  Maybe your child would like to try keeping a snowball in the freezer through the winter, so she can appreciate winter again in the spring.  Appealing to ages 3-7.

recommended by Victoria

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