You’re Invited to a Fairy Tale Wedding (or Ball or Tea Party…)

Is your child enchanted by princesses or do they love to have tea parties? Help them branch out in their play by having them create invitations and menus for a party. It can be for something as simple as a teddy bear tea party or as big as their real birthday party.

Gather all the supplies for card making, and help your child think through what will need to be on the invitation. They can make the invitations all the same or tailor them to their guests. Maybe one friend loves horses, so your child could draw a horse on that invitation. Maybe another friend adores her pet dog. You get the idea. If you are having a real party, have your child write out addresses if they are able. If not, talk about it with your child as you address the envelopes and let them put on stamps and return labels.

Menus can be fun to create, too! Perhaps your guests can choose from vanilla or chocolate cupcakes, lemonade or fruit punch, chocolate chip ice cream or strawberry. Playing hostess is fun, of course, but it can also help your child’s memory (if they try to remember each guests requests) and their writing skills (if they choose to write it all down). Your child could even personalize place cards for each guest.

Have a great time with your fairy tale party!

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