Three Billy Goats Gruff

This works well with a small group of school age kids, but could be adapted for other sizes/ages.  Supplies needed – two dry erase boards or posterboard, some markers, 3 billy goat and 1 troll puppets/masks or some kind of representation, and a copy of the well-known fairy tale “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.” I like to use Paul Galdone’s version.

Ask for 2 volunteers who are artists or who like to draw.  Ask one to draw a large bridge on the board on one side, and the other to draw a hill with grass and flowers on the other side.

Ask for 3 volunteers to play goats.  As your artists draw, give your other volunteers some quick instructions about what happens during the story. They need to know who is the small billy goat Gruff, medium goat, and large goat.  Decide whether you will read all the lines and they will just act out their part, or if you want them to say some of their lines. For older kids, you could have lines printed out in advance that they could read.

Plan to play the part of the troll and the narrator. The troll’s role is key because he has to interrupt each goat as they are going across the bridge, and his voice needs to be pretty loud and a little scary.

Act out the story with the goats pretending to go over the bridge, meet the troll, and go on over to the meadow.  Everyone watching can help with the “Trip, trap, trip, trap!” parts.  When the largest billy goat Gruff butts the troll, he can fall behind the bridge board.

If your kids love acting out stories, you may have to repeat it a few times allowing others to play parts or re-draw scenes.

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