The Paper Bag Princess

The Paper Bag Princess is a hilarious modern take on the Prince Charming story.  Princess Elizabeth seems to be the average princess who’s planning on marrying Prince Ronald.  Unfortunately, Prince Ronald is carried away by a fire-breathing dragon to his lair.  The dragon even smashes the castle and burns up the Princess’ clothes!  Does Princess Elizabeth pine away? No way!  She dons a paper bag and sets out to track down the devious dragon.  When she finds the dragon, she outwits him with a series of tasks that leave the dragon too exhausted to breathe fire.  Princess Elizabeth sets the Prince free, but he’s not at all grateful for her heroism. Instead he criticizes her for wearing a paper bag and having tangled hair.  Fortunately, Princess Elizabeth is a sensible, self-sufficient girl who tells Princess Ronald to take a hike!  This is a fun fairy tale to act out with paper puppets on popsicle sticks or finger puppets.  You can make a castle out of a shoe box, then copy scenes out of the book for backdrops.  Any small paper bag will serve as a costume for the Princess, and a paper crown will suit the Prince.  Even though it was first published in 1980, this is still a very popular, relevant fairy tale.


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