Retell a story using stacking cups

Help your child learn to retell a story using stacking cups.  Print out pictures from the most important events from the story. You could use a common fairy tale or a book you have read together several times.  You may need to scan photos and then cut them out if you can’t draw them or find clip art that works.  With Stacking cups for Light Up the Nightolder children, you can use words that describe important events.

Tape the pictures or words to the cups so that the first thing that happens is on the biggest cup, and go in sequence until the last event is on the smallest cup.

Spread the cups out and let your child stack them in order, while retelling the story.  If your child forgets or puts something in the wrong order, the sizes of the cups will clue him in to the mistake, and he may be able to correct it without your help.

This worked well with our latest early literacy station that features Light Up the Night by Jean Reidy.  The little boy’s blanket transforms into different vehicles during the story, and children can work on remembering the order of the vehicles using the stacking cups. Knocking down the stack afterwards is part of the fun, too!

Miss Laura created a similar storytelling tower to use with older kids in our clubs this summer. She made characters from the book The Napping House by Audrey and Don Wood, and put them on large boxes.  Kids retold the story by stacking the boxes in the right order, from largest to smallest.  Then they crashed the big towers down.  Napping House box tower

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