I Love You Rituals by Becky Bailey

Try this book for great ideas to make bedtime a time for loving connection between you and your child.  I learned about Becky Bailey’s parenting books in a class I took at K-State Center for Child Development, and my Parents As Teachers person also brought up this book as one of her favorite recommendations for parents.  All Bailey’s parenting techniques focus on the importance of love. In I Love You Rituals, she provides “more than 70 fun, easy, brain-building activities . . .  to dramatically improve children’s behavior, build emotional intelligence, and transform adult child relationships.”  Check it out at the library, or read a few pages from each chapter on the publisher’s website, Harpercollins, to get a glimpse of Bailey’s magic.  Here’s one of Bailey’s new and improved nursery rhymes that is often quoted:

A wonderful woman lived a shoe.

She had so many children

She knew just what to do.

She held them,

She rocked them,

And tucked them in bed.

“I love you, I love you,”

Is what she said.

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