A Circle in the Sky magnet story

Here is a short rhyme that can be used in preschool and kindergarten storytimes. You can put the shapes on the magnet board as you say the rhyme. It was   adapted from the book A Circle in the Sky by Zachary Wilson.

I see a circle in the sky, big and shining bright.

I have some shapes and want to build a rocket ship tonight.

I will use two rectangles: one for the rocket.

And one for its door, so I can go inside.

I will use a circle for the window, so I can see outside.

I will use a triangle for the top to point me to the sky.

I will use two diamond sings, so my rocket ship can fly.

On the bottom I will use a square to push my rocket into the air.

Goodbye! I will see you soon, when I get back from my trip to the moon!

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