Spring Planting Song

Going along with our April theme of “Spring,” here is a fun and easy song to sing with your child. It would be simple to incorporate actions, so improvise, and let us know if you come up with more fun verses!

This book includes the original version of the song.












Sung to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell”

The farmer plants her seeds

The farmer plants her seeds

Hi-ho, the dairy-o

Tha farmer plants her seeds.

More verses:

The rain begins to fall…

The sun begins to shine…

The seeds begin to grow…

The plants grow big and tall…


Did you know? The old nursery rhyme, “The Farmer and the Dell,” is said to be almost 200 years old.

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  1. Jennifer Adams April 9, 2012

    Thanks for this idea. My son is really into the idea of rain making things grow, so this will be a fun one for us to do together at home.


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