Teens choose their top YA books

Janene Hill, Young Adult Librarian, Manhattan Public Library
Teens across the country have spoken.

On October 17 the 2011 Teens’ Top Ten list was revealed by the Young Adult Library Services Association.
With more than 9,000 votes cast, teens across the U.S. expressed their opinions for the best books from the past year. Online voting took place in August and September.
Cassandra Clare and Suzanne Collins exchanged spots from 2010 to take the first and second places on this year’s list. This is Clare’s fourth straight year on the list, but first in the #1 position.
Collins is on the list for the third straight year while James Patterson returns for a third appearance after a two-year absence. Becca Fitzpatrick is back for the second straight year,with six first-timers rounding out the Teens’ Top Ten.
The novels cover awide range of subject matter including aliens, fairies, dystopian societies, secondchances, and the supernatural. These stories take place in settings from afuture United Statesto Victorian England.
2011 Teens’ TopTen
1. The Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare
Tessa Gray’s search for hermissing brother leads her into Victorian London’s supernatural underworld,where she must learn to trust the demon-killing Shadowhunters in order tocontrol her powers and find her brother. Prequel to the Mortal Instruments series.
2. Mockingjay by SuzanneCollins
After surviving her second time in the arena, Katniss has been propelled intoleading a revolution. Residents of District 13 have been preparing for war foryears, and are at the front of the fight. It seems the world is on Katniss’sshoulders as she struggles with being the face of the rebellion and target ofthe Capitol’s vengeance. Final book in the HungerGames trilogy.
3. Crescendo byBecca Fitzpatrick
Nora’s life has never been ordinary, but now that she has learnedabout her true Nephilim bloodline and her guardian angel, she wants to knowmore. What really happened to her father? Does Patch really love her? Is hehiding something? Sequel to the best-selling Hush, Hush.
4. I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore
Nineescaped from the planet Lorien just before it was destroyed by the Mogadorians.Hidden amongst the Earth-beings, the nine wait for the time they can regroup tofight their would-be destoyers. But Number One was caught in Malaysia, Number Two in England, and Number Three in Kenya. Theykilled them all. Number Four is next.
5. TheIron King by Julie Kagawa
As Meghan approaches her 16th birthday she discovers she is thedaughter of a faery king, a princess. A changeling has taken the place of herkidnapped brother. Meghan will leave behind everything she knows and travel tothe fae world to find the truth, face unknown enemies, save those she caresabout, and maybe even fall in love.
6. Matched by Ally Condie
Cassia is happily surprised when at the Matching Ceremony, her lifelong bestfriend Xander’s face appears on the screen. Then something startling happens –Ky’s face appears on the screen briefly before fading to black. Cassia beginsquestioning everything. What if all the choices that have been made her wholelife aren’t the only choice and she could make her own? Should she follow the lifeset forth for her by the Society, or travel down an unknown and defiant path.
7. Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel byJames Patterson
Max is starting to believe the scientists saying she needs to save theworld. Fang has left, and the flock’s new member, Dylan, may be her perfectmate. Meanwhile, Max needs to help lead her flock to defeat a doomsday cult outto kill all the humans. Seventh book in the bestselling Maximum Ride series.
8. Paranormalcy by KierstenWhite
mployed by theInternational Paranormal Containment Agency, a fairy ex-boyfriend, a mermaidbest friend, and current boyfriend who is a shape-shifter. No, Evie’s lifeisn’t exactly as a “normal” teenager. Seeing paranormals for what they areisn’t exactly something all teenagers can do. Actually, pretty much no one elsecan.
9. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
Friday, February 12 started just like any other day for Sam Kingston –atleast the first time. The car crash that night should have taken her life.Somehow though, she is not dead, but reliving the day – seven times. With eachreincarnation, Sam learns more about how her actions effect others and the truevalue of the people, things, and events in her life.
10.  Nightshade by AndreaCremer
When Calla saves a humanboy on her mountain from a bear attack, the consequences are farther reachingthan could be imagined, especially when that boy shows up at her school andappears to be a favored companion of her masters.

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