A Home Transformed By Janet Ulrey Adult Services Librarian

Our homes are our resting places,as well as our places of family connection. We may think of them as entertainment centers or perhaps our stop-and-drop places between outside adventures.  No matter how we view them, our homes are vital to us and we want them to be comfortable and well-maintained.  Whether they need to be redecorated,repaired, reorganized, or remodeled, Manhattan Public Library has scores of sources for ideas to make our homes the best.
Redecorating may involve a change in color scheme, furniture rearrangement, new accessories and wall arrangements, or tossing everything and starting over.  No matter what your decorating desires are, you can find help to improve your space. There is a wide selection of popular home décor magazines, like Better Homes and Gardens. You can locate color combinations galore in Vinny Lee’s terrific book, The Colorful Home: Confident and Creative Colour Schemes for Every Room.  Books,such as, Home from the Hardware Store:Transform Everyday Materials into Fabulous Home Furnishings by Stephen Antonson, Undecorate, the No-RulesApproach to Interior Design by Christiane Lemieux,or501 Decorating Ideas Under $100 from Better Homes and Gardens, are full of ideas to transform your home.  A “home transformed” can become a “home conformed” to make your daily life a more pleasant experience.   
When it’s time for repairs, you could spend a fortune by hiring contractors to execute your projects, but thrifty homeowners rely on DIY methods to keep their homes in pristine condition.  You may need to fix drippy faucets, window casements, or add insulation, but guidance is readily available if you’ve the spirit of adventure.  Terry Kennedy’s Fix It Before It Breaks and Rick Peters’ simply explained Home How-to Handbook can help make your tasks easier. The library also has an excellent set of DVDs, the Positive Home Solutions series, which will guide you through basic home repairs and visual demonstrations. Magazines like Family Handyman and This Old House are readily available for checkout.
Time is of the utmost importance to most people, and you’re probably no exception. In that case, you no doubt see the need for getting organized.  Using the library’s excellent collection of books on de-cluttering plans to organize your home can save you time to do the things you love—like reading a good book! Consider titles like Joe Provey’sEasyClosets: Affordable Storage Solutions for Everyone or Andrew J. Mellen’s Unstuff Your Life!: Kick the Clutter Habit and Completely Organize Your Life for Good.  The Reader’s Digest Association, long known for detailed books about home improvement, has an all-in-one title that might be perfect for your list of needed improvements.  The Family Handyman Best Organizing Solutions is a hefty volume loaded with all kinds of suggestions and diagrams perfect for most households.
What if you’ve an inclination for major changes?  Resources can make those intimidating projects more manageable. John Wagner’s book Drywall gives guidance when adding or removing walls. Books like Candice Olson’s Kitchensand Baths can put a stop to lots of guesswork.  If you are looking to add more living space,Black and Decker’s handy Complete Guide to Finishing Basements: Step-by-Step Projects For Adding Living Space Without Adding On can help you expand. Michael Litchfield’s In-Laws, Outlaws,and Granny Flats offers suggestions for transforming one-family dwellings into multiple-family housing.
When you want to make changes,don’t wing it!  You can give your home a facelift that is both attractive and more desirable for you with a little planning.  And you don’t need to be a trained decorator to finish tasteful projects. Come to the library and our staff will show you ways to collect appealing ideas!

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